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Monday, March 7, 2011

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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Program for 2011

Saturdy, March 12
4.45 pm - arrival, Ruzyne airport
7.30 pm - welcome dinner (Kalikovsky mlyn, Radcicka 40)

Sunday, March 13
10.15 am - welcome presentation (Campus of the UWB, room UV 115)
1.30 pm - lunch (Svejk restaurant, Klatovska 125)
afternoon - Pilsen city tour

Monday, March 14
9.30 am - lectures - Dr. Keaveny, Dr. Toumanoff, Dr. Skalova, Dr. Gangur (UV 115, Campus of the UWB)
12.30 am - lunch (university cafeteria)
1.30 pm - BIC presentation (Pilsen region, Czech business environment, business incubator)
afternoon - work on projects
9.00 pm - Erasmus presentation party

Tuesday, March 15
Karlovy Vary trip:
9.00 am - departure from dormitory
10.45 am - visit of Moser company
12.00 am - lunch (restaurant Luna)
1.30 pm - visit of Becherovka company
2.30 - 4.30 pm - free program
4.30 pm - departure from Karlovy Vary
7.00 pm - The PUB II

Wednesday, March 16
10:30 am - Bohemia Sekt tour
12.00 am - Staroplzenecka restaurant, Stary Plzenec
7.00 pm - theatre -opera - Jakobin (written by Antonin Dvorak)

Thursday, March 17
11.00 am - Brewery sightseeing and presentation
12.30 am - lunch (restaurant Spilka)
afternoon - work on projects
7.00 pm - dinner (Purkmistr restaurant, Selská náves 21/2, Cernice)

Friday, March 18
10.00 am - Kozel castle tour
3.00 pm - PricewaterhouseCoopers company presentation (Katerinska 40, Praha)
After presentation free discussion in PwC bar

Saturday, March 19
10.00 am - Prague tour managed by a guide from CzechTourism
Free program

Sunday, March 20
Free program

Monday, March 21
4. 50 am - departure, airport Ruzyne

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who is who - part I

The course (Czech side) is managed by:

Jiri Vacek - Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration and Management

Petra Tausl Prochazkova
- International Office and Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration and Management.

Jan Petrtyl - Faculty of Economics, Department of Marketing, Trade and Services

We are looking forward to see you in Pilsen!

Who is who - part II

Are you looking forward to see Czech students in Pilsen??

See who is working on each proposed case study:

1) Comparative analysis of marketing communication strategy in two investment banks - Vaclav Samek, Joe Vaklyes, Rocio Serna

2) University marketing - Jakub Pech, Kevin Haynes, Hurue Paulos

3) E-shopping in the Czech Republic and Wisconsin - Jan Petrtyl, William Daniels, Jill Stanchfield

4) Comparison of the education systems and students’ situation on labor markets - Kristyna Macanova, Sergio Garate, Arash Akbar

5) Comparison of product portfolio of AXA Group a their distribution - Miroslav Hajny, Andrew Manz, Robert Conrath

6) TOP 10 of the most searched jobs vs. TOP 10 of the most difficult filling jobs (based on the company Manpower) - Lenka Kantarova, Matthew Muse, Min Wu

7) Comparison of two smaller breweries - Jitka Kepkova, Patrick Thomas, Robert Friesema

8) Comparison of the role of labor unions in the USA and in the Czech Republic - Michael Stilip, Molly Vaklyes, Jacqueline Keidel

9) Comparison of responsible alcohol consumption programme of the STOCK Plzeň-Božkov /CZ/ and Great Lakes Distillery /USA/ - Katerina Drofova, Lu Zhang, Kyle Pinkalla

10) Application of new technologies and modern trends in city public services - Michal Mitas, Karen Martinez, Andrew Bartosh

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

City Pilsen (Plzeň)

Pilsen was established in 1925 (by the king Wenceslaus II) as a royal situated on a significant trade route from Bavaria to Prague. Till these days the metropolis of West Bohemia (with a population of more than 170 000) it has been functioning as a business, cultural a tourist centre of the Pilsen Region. More information about Pilsen on or on

Pilsen is known primarily for the products of Pilsen brewery and Skoda works. These companies were founded in 19th century.

The capital of West Bohemia is nowadays again a sovereign city boasting with number of historic monuments. Among them 13th century St.Bartholomew's Church, Renaissance town hall reconstructed by Italian master-builder Giovanni de Statia in the mid 16th century, the unique Brewery Museum, the historic underground with medieval cellars, Franciscan monastery and the Church of St Anna definitely rank. All these sites make up a part of the original checker board ground plan of the historic downtown, which was declared an historic town reservation in 1989.

How far is Pilsen from other cities (metropolis) in km (1 609, 344 km = 1 mile)?

Berlin = 368, Bratislava = 400, Brussels = 620, Budapest = 620. London = 1150, Paris = 920, Moscow = 1960, New York = 6840

More information about Pilsen will prepare and give you Czech students.

Source of pictures:

Friday, January 21, 2011


Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is one of the most visited cities on the continent. Nicknames for Prague include "the mother of cities", "the city of hundred spires" and "the golden city."

Prague is the capital city and the largest city in the Czech Republic. It is the seat of the president the government and the parliament. It was built by the finest architects and artists from all over Europe. The centre of Prague is basically one big landmark, monument and historical site, spread across three districts - the Old Town (Staré Město), the Lesser Town (Malá Strana) with Prague Castle, and the Jewish Quarter.

Our students will guide you in Prague and try to show you as much as they can.
More information on